An HTDS consultant is a specialist in the field of user-centred design, and is able to convert your ideas together with you into functional specifications and conceptual design for your new working environment. Working environments that are characterized by complex human-machine interfaces (HMI) that reflect your strategic ambitions for the coming years.

HTDS has experience with critical HMI projects in a number of branches with operational processes requiring adequate control that cover this type of working environment. These branches include the petrochemical industry, the energy market, shipping, production lines, port and transit facilities, transport and traffic, the public sector and banking. These working environments comprise a physical component (operating workplaces, cockpit configurations, support workstations, etc.) and a software component (DCS systems, alarms, control programmes, communication programmes, etc.).

The expertise at HDTS has grown over twenty years of involvement in national and international projects for “leading organisations” in their respective branches.