Functionality of company vehicles as mobile workplace increasingly important

As long as international car manufacturers take insufficient account of individual human dimensions, it is important to pay close attention to the purchase and possible modification of company vehicles.

HTDS helps you to standardize your fleet. So your employees will travel through traffic more safely and healthily. What is more, HTDS guarantees optimum accessibility of tools and other equipment, tailored to the tasks to be executed in the vehicle.

Using a task analysis, HTDS objectivizes and, together with coachbuilders, translates the functional design requirements into a functional prototype that meets all the requirements (ergonomics, health and safety, security). This standardization process results in fewer individual modifications and more flexible usability.

HTDS helps you to standardize your fleet with:

  • A Programme of functional design requirements that clearly embody the operating philosophy, the function and user tasks (tender document).
  • The development of a prototype of the installation/construction enabling safe, health and efficient work.
  • The CabinKitĀ® provides insight into cabin dimensions relative to human dimensions.
  • Supervision of user input / support base among users during tendering and development phase (user engagement).
  • Advice on use and design of additional operating equipment in the car to guarantee the optimum safety of the driver in the execution of his or her primary task.