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Tuning the working environment optimal on the processes

Optimal human performance in complex working environments is particularly important in health care situations. When the technical working environment doesn’t match with human capacities and the actual workflow, lives might be at risk, the workload will increase and the quality of care will be poor. And on top of this, lifecycle costs will be unnecessary high due to required modifications of the final design.

The HTDS consultants have vast experience in the design process and all relevant factors that play a role in the design of critical Human Machine Interface (HMI).

With their expertise and a and a comprehensive set of tools & techniques (such as Technology User Needs Assessment, TUNASS®), HTDS can assist health care organizations in translating their professional ambition to an efficient, safe and healthy working environment that brings the best out in your operating processes and your personnel. HTDS consultants employ the front-end methodology TUNASS® (Technology User Needs Assessment) and lean process-optimization techniques. This enables you to solve dilemmas early on by arriving at design decisions with the involvement of all stakeholders. The TUNASS® method can be conduct on all kinds of projects, from the design of complete new health care facility, a renovation of your operating room or innovation of the central IC control cockpit.

The TUNASS® analysis will translate your health care concept to:

  • A functional layout of your health care facility, operating room or ICU
  • A function design of critical workplaces like the intensive care control unit / cockpit (based on required lines of sight, workflow, operability)
  • Interface design and usability of critical Man Machine Interfaces.