Equipment that really helps the end user

HTDS provides targeted advice on the design or purchase of equipment demanded by a specific or complex human-machine interaction. The nature of the equipment can be very diverse, depending on the objectives. In all cases, HTDS gives the user's needs top priority. The objective varies from user safety and health to logical operation tailored to the task and the user or comfort during work.

The approach to this sort of project is generally tailored to demand and the phase in which the purchase is made. HTDS aims to arrive at a product together with suppliers that is fully coordinated with the tasks and capacities of the user. Our role in this is that of a neutral adviser, whereby we ensure objective participation of involved end users but also demand clear and unambiguous design requirements.

Suppliers then know what is required of them if they want to supply the right equipment.
This includes realizing the link between purchasing and project leadership, users and suppliers. Examples of tools that have been further developed with the application of HTDS: the “GloveBox” for laboratories, the design of a track & trace system and the development of compressed-air helmet.

HTDS provides: