Fewer complaints, greater usability, happy crane operator

For various clients and from different approaches, HTDS has been involved over the years in the design of crane cabins. HTDS integrates critical design aspects, such as sightlines, posture, chairs, accessibility and operability of operating equipment, into a functional crane cabin. This provides a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace for crane operators.

An integrated approach is essential as each design choice has a greater affect than is often thought. The selection of the position of the spreader or bucket and the cabin must not just be a technical consideration. The impact of this decision on the posture and therefore the health of the crane operator is significant.

After all, the distance between the cabin and the spreader or bucket determines the sightlines and thus indirectly the required posture.

For you, engaging HTDS means:

  • A sightline study
  • Drafting a Programme of functional requirements that guarantees a healthy posture in the crane (position of window frames, chair, operating equipment)
  • Arriving at a concept design and chair selection together with the crane supplier (integration of user requirements and technical requirements and preconditions)
  • An interface design of operating equipment and interface (Usability Check)