Ease of operation and maintenance ensures a more efficient production and process system

Strong operational performance of working systems, such as a process system or production line, starts with a good design. Arriving at a good design requires knowledge about the (future) interaction of people with the working system.

That knowledge is the key to guarantee the operability, maintainability and cleanability of a process system or production line. These cases refer to the efficiency of the design in relation to the tasks of the diverse group of end users and partly therefore also the reliability and availability of the production unit.

A good design ensures that a defect can be rapidly rectified, that planned maintenance has a short lead time and that resources are used more efficiently.

This improves functionality and operational performance, thereby raising the productivity of human effort. It also forms the basis for realizing a good, healthy and safe working environment in which human error is kept to a minimum.

When designing a production unit, it is advisable to carry out a thorough analysis of the tasks and activities to be executed at an early stage of the project.

The company's production staff, operators, maintenance staff, cleaners and other involved employees provide the information needed for the relevant design requirements.

Fysergo – HTDS has extensive experience in supporting design projects at an early stage for process systems, major goods-storage facilities (including for liquids) and production lines.