HTDS: solutions for user-friendly software

With increasing automation human tasks are migrating more and more onto the screen. The role of the human is being challenged and human interaction with systems is broadening its scope, becoming more complex and entailing greater responsibility.

´Alternative Working Practices´ are leading to more and more offices converting fully to a digital working environment. The systems are assuming increasing numbers of tasks with the aim of making the remaining human tasks easier and more efficient. But how often is that goal actually achieved?

In practice, many software projects lead to a lack of clarity for end users: constant clicking, running through extra process steps, increase in errors, etc. This often leads to higher work pressure and RSI-related complaints. One main cause of these problems is that technology is the key factor in the development of automation systems, instead of the user.

What HTDS provides you:

  • Expertise in complex human-machine interactions that guarantees optimum coordination of software programmes to relevant operating processes and the tasks of employees. This places a greater focus on the primary process and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Help to identify bottlenecks and related costs using Usability Checks if you think the activities could be carried out by fewer people or you require input for investment proposals.
  • Extensive experience with software, including factory operating systems (e.g. DCS), order management systems (OMS), software applications for administrative office or government working environments.