Workshops are designed in such a way that maintenance gets optimum support

At larger companies in the production or process industries, a large part of maintenance activities often take place in a workshop, as well as on site.

The efficiency of a maintenance workshop is to a large degree determined by the people who work there. This is why, when drawing up a layout design, i.e. when choosing working methods and the machines and tools to be used, sufficient attention must be given to the required functionality, to safety, health and the well-being of the employees involved.

Key factors include:

  • a layout that is well coordinated with the logistical process used for maintenance,
  • workshops that are optimally coordinated to the type of maintenance activities to be carried out and to the type of equipment to be maintained,
  • ensuring sufficient (temporary) storage space,
  • providing enough working space and room for movement around the workplace,
  • allowing plenty of square metres of floor space,
  • ensuring that right permanent and mobile necessary tools are defined,
  • making sure working equipment is stored in such a way that operating equipment is easily accessible.