Method HTDS, pragmatic and unique

The FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Process in the execution of projects is becoming increasingly important. Using the Technology User Needs Assessment (TUNASS®) method, HTDS meets the growing demand for deploying structured techniques, methods and approaches within project-quality systems.



Using this method, HTDS assists you in making the right decisions at the right moment within your project. The TUNASS® method enables our clients to translate an operating philosophy into a functional design of the new working environment. By using a structured programme, the required HMI can be defined and a Human Factors Programme of Requirements will be drawn up.

The results of the functional analysis carried out by HTDS guarantee not only optimum functionality within the defined scope, but also high degrees of safety, health and comfort and the required level of user satisfaction.
The consultants of HTDS have experience to attune to the leading design/quality process within the project.