HTDS Team, very experienced professionals

Knowledge, experience, expertise. The human factor consultants of HTDS understand the value of designing a critical Human Machine Interface in the working environment. Their consultancy skills include not only advising on all field-specific aspects, but also cover knowledge of and experience with change-management aspects.

Together with the client and other relevant stakeholders, they define the targeted operating philosophy and help to translate this into a functional design. They do this by facilitating design sessions with users and other relevant stakeholders. In this way, they ensure that a widely supported functional design for the new working environment is created in as few steps as possible.

The Human Factors consultants of the HTDS team have vast experience in the design process and all relevant factors that play a role in the design of critical Human Machine Interface (HMI). Both greenfield as brownfield projects, both nationally and internationally, anywhere a good HMI is crucial for the output of the project. HTDS has gained a lot of experience.