Desk Design Workshop

The Desk Design Workshop is often organized in-company. Together with you this means we are able to define the ideal “cockpit” for your organization, with optimum utilization of your ideas and the opportunities provided by new technology. This creates broad-based support for the new desk design among all shifts.

There are often many ideas floating around within an operation as to what the ideal desk situation should look like. Usually these ideas are based on an improvement on the old situation. At the introduction of new technology (new DCS systems, etc.), users are frequently insufficiently aware of the new options these developments provide. Such options are often almost endless, making it difficult to select what is most suitable.

People generally think in terms of the number of screens instead of permanent and non-permanent Windows.
The HTDS Desk Design workshop (part of the TUNASS® analysis) is designed to analyse together with you the ideas and the new software and hardware system technology options. This results in a clearly specified and widely supported desk configuration.

All relevant aspects are included, such as:

  • group
  • sightlines
  • communication
  • information presentation
  • workstations for operations
  • dimensions and viewing distances
  • operating and monitoring
  • processing and consultation

This means that the analysis realizes a high degree of functionality, health, safety and comfort and the organization possesses for the coming years a desk that is robust and flexible enough to accommodate its development requirements.