HT Input Analysis

The Human Technology Input Analysis enables you to define in advance to what degree the scope of the proposed project is Human Factors critical or not.

With the HT Input Analysis, HTDS introduces a tool that is handy for clarifying which support is necessary in terms of human technology.
There are three distinct levels:
1. No extra attention required
2. Extra attention required (via limited analysis of sub-aspects)
3. TUNASS® analysis required
The input analysis results in a compact written report designed to guide the subsequent process.

For effective project performance and working-system performance

In the HT Input Analysis, the various project packages are screened for the necessity for human-technology or human-factor aspects and how much attention these must be given. Using a standard matrix, the number of project packages are determined, as well as their content and their impact on the operating process, on efficiency and on themes like health, safety and the environment.

The packages are assessed using two essential themes for effective project performance and working-system performance. Working-system performance risks are assessed using the following themes:

  • Operating friendliness of the working system
  • Maintenance of the working system
  • Reliability of the working system
  • Safety, health and the environment
  • Potential for automation

Project performance risks are assessed using the themes:

  • Acceptance by the organization
  • Competence of contractors involved
  • New technology
  • Vision and mission of the organization
  • Ambition level of the project

A score is drawn up that indicates to which subject and at which level attention must be given regarding the implementation of human-technology or human-factor functional specifications.

There are three distinct levels here:

1. No extra attention required (standards and regulations are sufficient)
2. Extra attention required (limited analysis sub-aspects)
3. TUNASS® analysis required, (working-system needs to be analysed on all relevant technical and organizational aspects)

The HT Input Analysis is a short facilitated workshop (2 hours to half a day) with key project officers and supervision by an HTDS consultant.