Mock-up study

Imitating reality. The reality to come. To test early on, teach users to cope with updated circumstances, to prevent nasty surprises at a later date.

Mock-ups appear at different phases of a development process. Using mock-ups, the future reality can be tested with users at an early stage. This inserts an optimization step into the process that cannot be (sufficiently) simulated on paper or 3-dimensionally on a computer screen. A mock-up is primarily for fine-tuning the design and creates wider support among end users by involving them early in the process.
The last step involves computerized mock-up studies that give opportunities to assess functionality remotely.

HTDS uses mock-up studies to develop special workstations

For options with a higher risk of impact on the users and their working environment, a mock-up is extremely valuable. Take for instance a control centre in the petrochemical industry or a ship that has to continue functioning in heavy weather. These are examples of working conditions that can lead to very risky situations in the case of a poorly designed workplace.

Faithfully simulating reality – tomorrow's reality. The future takes shape with planks, meters, buttons and chairs. Users can actually take up their post in their future workplace, carry out their tasks while the construction process has not even begun.

Ideal for special workplaces that carry significant risks for whatever reason. Special workplaces that are only properly developed when they have been properly designed in advance. And that means time savings, lower costs and less irritation.