The Kaizen sessions for every improvement

Kaizen is based on the Japanese characters Kai and Zen meaning continuous improvement. It is a LEAN method to prevent waste and create wealth in your organisation. It is all about finding, assessing, implementing and embedding successful optimisations. 

Are you looking for a facilitator for your Kaizen session ? Or do you want to solve operational issues quickly and pragmatic ? HTDS can offer you a Kaizen session to bring your team in a couple of days from problem definition tot successful solutions. HTDS has years of experience in facilitation innovation projects. The approach is pragmatic and is focussing on matching human, technical and organisational aspects. Resulting in an efficient, safe and healthy working environment that brings the best out in your operating processes and your personnel. We also offer the possibility to visualize conceptual redesign options in 3D pictures. This can be made during the sessions and will support the discussion and final decision making.