Turnkey Solutions

The A to Z of realizing a layout so that your own organization is not restricted by a lack of available expertise or by time restraints.

Everything you need in one pair of reliable hands, from draft design up to and including the realization of the layout via an efficient turnkey process. By means of the TUNASS® methodology HTDS has the ability to work in close collaboration with suppliers of control / alarm rooms. Through this  collaboration we are able to realize turnkey solutions in this specialist field. Saving you effort and money are the basic elements of this.

HTDS likes to work together with specialists… to make it easier for you

Such collaboration employs a approach that offers great benefits for your company. The HTDS TUNASS® methodology (front-end design phase) and a visualized functional design using 2D/3D drawings are combined with a well-organized follow-on production and implementation process of our project partners. Our close collaboration results in complete and durable alarm/control centres and reception/infodesks, up to and including layout.

Thanks to the TUNASS® (Technology User Needs Assessment) design methodology, suboptimal designs are prevented.

Furthermore, it becomes clear at an early stage what is required and what is not, and that is essential to the efficient utilization and control of all the disciplines involved in a turnkey project.
Collaboration involves HTDS and our project partners applying their extensive knowledge on your behalf on all fronts during the various project phases. The entire project is managed by an experienced project manager within the agreed budget. This turnkey project approach releases our clients from responsibility for planning, logistics, execution and commissioning.

This results in tight control of all third parties involved in the project.
With this approach HTDS in collaboration with our partners are capable to turn your empty space into a fully equipped and functional working environment, with all the facets you require in one place. We will transform your raised (computer) floors, suspended-ceiling and partition systems, lighting, furniture and acoustic solutions into a perfectly functioning whole.