Usability Check

HTDS carries out Usability Checks to evaluate together with you whether the design of your ICT systems is sufficiently coordinated with usage by the various user groups.

HTDS can carry out a Usability Check to demonstrate why your system might be functioning sub-optimally and investigate complaints by user groups. Is it down to lack of support for the changes? Or do the resources not support employees sufficiently in the execution of their tasks? And more importantly, what are the possible solutions for a more efficient and healthier operational process?

HTDS provides the answer when systems fail to work as hoped

With the HTDS Usability Check, we are able to provide an objective check of the effects of computerization on the quality of work. This analysis provides insight into the degree to which the software is coordinated with the working processes and task division per function in to what degree the systems support employees in working efficiently, healthily and error-free.

To objectivize the effects of computerization on the quality of work, HTDS investigates the following aspects:

  • The intended workflow and associated tasks and actions carried out by various users.
  • To what degree does the ICT design support this workflow and these tasks.
  • Does the system comply with the basic principles of usability as specified in ISO9241 (suitability for the task, suitability for learning, suitability for individualization, conformity with user expectations, self descriptiveness, controllability, and error tolerance).



This analysis results in:

  • A risk analysis that provides a risk profile with a red, orange or green score to indicate the degree of risk. This risk score is supplemented with a check of the impact of the risk on productivity and health. The risk score and the impact together determine the priority with which risk factors must be dealt with.
  • Indication of solutions to aim for optimization over the shorter and longer term. HTDS can carry out this Usability Check for diverse applications and clients. Varying from technical systems in the petrochemical industry (DCS, OMS) to administrative systems for municipal authorities.